Beginner’s Guide to Hookah Coals

Beginner’s Guide to Hookah Coals

Posted by Jamie Pope on Feb 2nd 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Hookah Coals

“Was smoking with my wife who was relatively new to hookah. She says it was getting harsh so I told her to gently blow into the hose. Next thing I know I hear sizzling and realize that she's blowing water up the stem. Ruined the bowl, soaked the carpet with shisha juices and coal ash. Total fail! To this day I still do not let her perform heat management.” - iammortalcombat, Reddit.

If you’re looking for a smooth hookah experience, unlike this Reddit couple here, Vadra Hookah has created the ultimate beginner’s guide to hookah coals!

Hookah Coals

Why Do I Need Coals?

Just like a pizza needs an oven, hookahs need coals to cook shisha tobacco. Coals acts as the heat source for your tobacco, and is one of the essential products to smoking hookah! Without your heat source, your hookah experience will definitely flop.

Before you start reaching for your bag of Kingsford charcoal, Vadra Hookah has coals made specifically for hookah and we have this guide here to help you pick the perfect one!

Types of Hookah Coals

There are two main types of hookah coals: natural coal and quick light coal. Both are popular in hookah culture, but we’ll dive into the specs and features so you can find your perfect coal.

Natural Coconut Hookah Coals

Natural Hookah Coal

This type of coal is advocated by many veteran users of hookah! These coals are typically made from coconut or titanium and take on a cube shape. These little squares bring hype to the hookah culture because they deliver purity in their quality. Patience is key with natural charcoal because they could take up to 15 minutes to heat up. To balance that, these coals are with you for the long haul and will burn throughout any video game or movie sesh you plan to host! Lastly, another plus with natural charcoal is that the taste of your shisha will not be affected by its burn. So that sweet berry taste you’ve been longing for will be optimized while you’re smoking with natural coals!

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    How to light and heat up your hookah coals.

How do I light Hookah Coals?

Since natural coals do not have a heat-quickening agent, you won’t be able to light them with a typical cigarette lighter or torch. For the best heating experience, you will want to invest in a coil-top burner.

Here’s how to use a coil-top burner:

  • Place your natural coal on the burner and set the heat setting to “high”
  • Keep your burner on “high” for around 5 minutes
  • After that, take your tongs to flip the coals over the burner
  • Let the other side heat for 3 - 4 minutes
  • As the coals heat, you’ll see them turn red or orange. You’ll know they’re completely lit once they turn a dark or white powdery color.
  • Once they’re at that consistency, they’re ready for use!

Quick light hookah coal.

Quick Light Coal

To speak for its name, quick light coal will give you the fastest, or instant, lighting time. They typically come foil wrapped and in a circular shape. These coals are mixed with a chemical accelerant that allows you to light them with a cigarette lighter or torch. Though they are quick to the draw, these coals won’t burn throughout your gaming or movie sesh. Instead, these guys are perfect for a brisk, chill hookah hangout. You may find quick light coals will alter the taste of your shisha, which is a common setback with this type of coal. However, if you’re new to hookah these would be a great start to acquainting yourself to the game!

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How do I light these coals?
  • Hold a tablet of coal in your tongs above your flame for around a minute
  • As your holding the coal, look for sparking and smoking
  • Once your coal begins to spark and smoke, you’re ready to go!

Which Hookah Coal is Best?

Though most avid users of hookah would reach for natural charcoal over quick light charcoal, we suggest choosing a charcoal that matches your experience with hookah and the seshes you’re looking to host.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Natural charcoal is best if you’re looking to preserve the flavor of your shisha and are looking to host longer hookah hangs.
  • However, this charcoal can only be lit on a coil-top burner or alternative heat source and will not light with a cigarette lighter. These coals take up to 15 minutes to ignite.
  • Quick light charcoal is best if you’re new to hookah and aren’t looking to commit to purchasing a coil-top burner since this coal can be lit with a cigarette lighter or torch. These coils will ignite in 1 minute or less.

PRO TIP: Remember, this is the coal that is used for brisk hookah seshes and will alter the taste of your shisha.

Swooshin' to the ‘clusion

Remember that reddit couple we started off with? Let’s make an oath to never experience flops like them. Capiche?

After our beginner’s guide to hookah coals, you can now feel confident in choosing the right heat source for your hookah. Whether you’re coo-coo for coco-coals, or are looking for a brisk, quick hookah hang with the homies, Vadra Hookah has the best choice in affordable hookahs as well as premiere coals, no doubt!

If you’re ever in a rut and need some help getting out, head to our email! We have people ready to help you pick out the hookah products for the best experience out there.