Vadra Hookah Beseck

Vadra Hookah

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Vadra Hookah Beseck

 Need a succinctly designed hookah with sleek flow and streamlined features? The Vadra Hookah Beseck is the hookah for you! This “to the point” hookah offers style and simplicity and with the semi-marble-esc design its sure to be a hit for everyone from minimalists to modernists the compact elegance they so seek, and with this hookah’s functionality you can’t go wrong! This single hose system features a purge valve so your smoke ventilates effectively. A stainless steel shaft makes up the spine of this hookah, which flows into a stainless steel downstem and diffuser. This insures that every hit you take will be milky and smooth! Trust the professionals and stick with Vadra Hookah for all of your hookah needs. 


Vadra Hookah Beseck features

  • Heat management system
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Stainless steel downstem
  • Marble print design 
  • Medium sized




Vadra Hookah About


Necessity is the mother of invention, and Vadra Hookah results from shisha enthusiasts craving a more sophisticated minimalist solution to traditional eastern design Hookahs. Vadra Hookah is an innovative mixture that encompasses traditional sensibility and a modern high-design, all at an affordable price. Each Vadra Hookah is crafted to offer you superior quality, optimal performance, and stunning streamlined design at a price that you can afford.