​News: Vadra Hookah Interviews Jai from Eternal Smoke

​News: Vadra Hookah Interviews Jai from Eternal Smoke

Posted by S. Wyatt Price on Dec 23rd 2021

(But First) A Little Bit About The Shisha

Eternal Smoke is a traditionally blonde shisha soaked in both molasses and glycerin to create that good, long-lasting smoke paired with dense clouds. The incredible thing about Eternal Smoke is that they’ve broken down their flavor systems into subsections called series that are lumped together in rough categories that evoke an experience. For example, Extreme, Romance, Mix, Enjoy, Guess What, Milk N Cookies, and Cool.

Vadra Hookah had the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with the leading sales representative of the upcoming shisha brand, Eternal Smoke. Jai, the leading sales rep of Eternal Smoke, traveled from Orlando to welcome Cloud 9 Smoke Co into the culture and community of this prestigious shisha brand.

If you haven’t checked out Eternal Smoke, we highly recommend that you do!

Who is Eternal Smoke?

Founded in 2018 in Orlando, Florida, Eternal Smoke is an American-made shisha tobacco company that specializes in creating unique shisha flavors categorized into select series. In such a short span of time, Eternal Smoke is climbing the “hookah culture” ladder to become one of the best shisha brands on the market. Knowing that hard work drives success into a business, we were incredibly excited to get to know Jai on a personal level and interview him about his experience in the hookah industry. Check it out:

Cloud 9 Smoke Co: “What inspired you to pursue a career in the hookah industry?”

Jai: “So, I’m originally from New York, and I started smoking hookah about eight years ago. I moved out of my moms’ house when I was 21, and the roommate that I had would smoke hookah everyday after she got off of work. She would walk in with this thing that sorta reminded me of a bong, and she would smoke. I didn’t know what it was, and then I tried it. When I tried it, I fell in love with it.”

Cloud 9 Smoke Co: “Absolutely! It’s an amazing experience.”

Jai: “Yes! So, I would smoke everyday, [my roommate] and I, and on the weekends I would throw parties and have like 10 hookahs on deck.”

Cloud 9 Smoke Co: “A staple party piece, for sure.”

Jai: “Yeah! That’s how [my passion] started for smoking hookah. Two years ago I decided to move to Florida, and I found Eternal Smoke as a start-up company. I applied on Indeed, let them know that I smoke every day, I wanted to check it out, and I was very interested in working for them. That’s how I started my career with Eternal Smoke.”

Eternal Smoke - The Inspiration

When you build a company from the ground up, it takes a little more than hard work and dedication. It has to do with perseverance, intellect, and social articulation and in the case of Eternal Smoke they’ve understood their clientele and executed superbly. The tobacco market is so oversaturated with start-ups and different brand builds, making headway AND sticking around in the this industry is no small feat. We sat down with Head Sales Rep. Jai from Eternal Smoke to get the skinny on how Eternal Smoke came to be and what inspired them to place themselves exactly where they are within the niche realm of hookah.

Vadra Hookah: “Who came up with the name Eternal Smoke? What inspired that decision and how did you guys make it?”

Jai: “The CEO and founder Angela D. Smith started producing tobacco four years prior to selling shisha for Eternal Smoke. She was inspired to craft a blonde blend that would produce billowing cotton plumes that was relatively light on the throat and could be enjoyed throughout the night. She was originally from Turkey, and when she came to the United States she and the marketing director collaborated with names that resonated with local ideas to stand out from the competition. From there, the name Eternal Smoke came to be.”

The name itself piques the interest of someone: Eternal Smoke. You wonder what this brand has to offer and what the smoking experience is going to be like. The flavor and smoke ability of Eternal Smoke made it an instant hit with the club and party crowds across the nation. It stands apart from other brands within the same industry.

Vadra Hookah: “So after looking on your website and trying a few of your shisha tobacco flavors, I noticed that Eternal Smoke is truly unique in categorizing flavors of shisha into “series.” What inspired you guys to create these “series” of shisha tobaccos?”

Jai: “Our CEO is always one to think outside of the box. She doesn’t like to replicate anything that anyone has already done. What inspired her was to be different [from the competition] and just have different selections for different people. Some people may not like the one series, but will fall in love with another, and vice versa.”

Vadra Hookah: “So it’s like y’all make something that’s widely appealing and gets a lot of people involved, while remaining innovative enough to introduce consumers to new flavors and products?”

Jai: “Exactly!”

Vadra Hookah: “What’s your favorite series from Eternal Smoke?”

Jai: “My favorite series is the Lit Series. I mix Watermelon Lit with Lime Lit 50/50. That’s what I put people on when they’re not sure which flavor they should get, and they fall in love with it.”

You can also fall in love with Jai’s shisha combo at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! Use a 50/50 blend of the Watermelon Lit and Lime Lit. Jai says it reminds most of a margarita with lime, and after trying it, we were head over heels!

Eternal Smoke - The Experience

The Eternal Smoke experience is intended to be just that—an experience. The folks at Eternal Smoke focus on providing a stellar smoking experience paired with an enormously flavored shisha. This is their goal & they achieve it with every session. Here’s what Jai had to say about the Eternal Smoke Experience:

Jai: “The experience [with Eternal Smoke] is an enjoyable experience. We believe in the experience of bonding. When you smoke Eternal Smoke, it’s not just smoking tobacco, you’re bonding with someone and what you smoke with. It’s a conversation starter.”

Vadra Hookah: “It sounds like you’re putting all the power to the hookah session and letting the experience pioneer the “Eternal Smoke” experience?”

Jai: “Exactly! It’s all about the people you smoke with, how you bond with them, and how you share the same enthusiasm for the shisha you’re smoking.”

Eternal Smoke - The Advice

Not just anyone can work for a startup company, it takes a special breed of person! Naturally, only about six people work in the corporate office of Eternal Smoke so you can imagine the closeness is unmatched. Jai shared some wisdom with us regarding his own pursuit of success and experience with Eternal Smoke.

Jai: “It’s not easy in the beginning. You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I will say that. We never had doubts in the beginning, even though some [people] did doubt us. We stuck by what we believed in, and we believe that in the next ten years Eternal Smoke will be the number one tobacco brand. Little by little, people started to fall in love with our product, and the product began to sell itself. It’s all about believing in it [the product and the brand].”

Vadra Hookah: “It’s like you create a quality product, establish a culture and a brand message, and you believe in the product’s potential. From there, other people will begin to feel and believe the same thing.”

Jai: "100%! We’ll always stand by what we produce. We’re a family at Eternal Smoke, so we take pride in making quality products and believing in what we produce.”

There you have it! It’s all about believing in yourself, the product that you wish to create or sell, and developing a unique brand message that will make others fall in love with what you’ve created. Keep the confidence going, the hustle strong, and have a family to work with you to make your dreams come true.

It was a pleasure speaking with Jai, the top sales rep of Eternal Smoke, and we can’t wait to share more shisha wisdom from this amazing shisha brand! You guys have to check them out.