Vadra Hookah Baikal

Vadra Hookah

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Vadra Hookah Baikal


 New to using a hookah and ready to get your feet wet? The Vadra Hookah Baikal is a directly engineered hookah with simple yet effective system. This system features a stainless steel shaft, cleanly decorated with a design-free, that feeds into the downstem which features a diffusing tip to insure that your smoke has been purified and cooled before it enters your lungs. This hookah also features a heat management system that allows you to guide the heat and airflow around your coals and shisha in order to have a more exact experience. The cross-hatched vase of this hookah is crafted from tempered glass which increases its durability substantially. This single hose system is a great start to anyone’s hookah journey!

Vadra Hookah Baikal Features 


  • Heat management system
  • Stainless steel downstem
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Anti-kink hose spring
  • Tempered glass vase 
  • Single hose system 



Vadra Hookah About



Necessity is the mother of invention, and Vadra Hookah results from shisha enthusiasts craving a more sophisticated minimalist solution to traditional eastern design Hookahs. Vadra Hookah is an innovative mixture that encompasses traditional sensibility and a modern high-design, all at an affordable price. Each Vadra Hookah is crafted to offer you superior quality, optimal performance, and stunning streamlined design at a price that you can afford.