Vadra Hookah Saint Clair

Vadra Hookah

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Vadra Hookah St Clair


Take off on a magic carpet ride with the Vadra Hookah Saint Clair! This hookah features a design reminiscent of Arabian Royalty with gold patterns accenting the elegant and ergonomic shape of this fine machine. This isn't your run of the mill, middle of the road hookah, this is a timeless pieve by Vadra Hookahfit for a king...or queen! The heavy, durable stainless steel shaft and downstem are great  materials to travel with, not to mention their lengthy lifespan. This hoookah features a dual hose attachment so its great and easy to enjoy with your friends. Did I mention the towering height of this hookah? This factor makes it the perfect hookah for parties and gatherings, as you'll alwyas see it over the tops of people's heads when it's resting atop a table. Definitely a hookah for more experienced enthusiasts, the Vadra Hookah Saint Clair will transform you into reality with its elegance, style, and uniqueness. Lastl,y this hookah comes with a heat management system and a tempered borosilicate gladd vase!

Vadra Hookah Features


  • Heat management system
  • Large vase for increased stability
  • Single or double hose hookup
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Tempered Glass



Vadra Hookah About


Necessity is the mother of invention, and Vadra Hookah results from shisha enthusiasts craving a more sophisticated minimalist solution to traditional eastern design Hookahs. Vadra Hookah is an innovative mixture that encompasses traditional sensibility and a modern high-design, all at an affordable price. Each Vadra Hookah is crafted to offer you superior quality, optimal performance, and stunning streamlined design at a price that you can afford.